Shooting A Promotional Video? Two Reasons To Hire A Teleprompter Operator

18 February 2021
 Categories: Technology, Blog


Promotional videos are made for a variety of reasons. If you have a product that you want to advertise to a large group of people then it's always good to have a visual to go along with the item. By doing this, you can highlight its benefits and make it even more appealing to your target audience. Because promotional videos often feature a lot of verbiage, you may utilize actors or even staff members who work their magic on film so the content becomes engaging and relatable. Using a teleprompter makes the job so much easier and hiring an equipment operator can definitely take production over the top.

Shoot Faster With The Help Of A Teleprompter Operator

Trying to write a script is one thing but actually finding an individual who can get it all memorized is another. Even someone with the best memory could trip up when reciting lines, If you don't have the budget to work with professional thespians you will likely have to pull from the people in your personal circle. Imagine how many takes it would require for you to get a workable video when you are dealing with a person with little to no acting experience!

The entire experience can be infinitely more enjoyable and much faster by hiring a teleprompter operator. Teleprompter operators essentially load the script for each person into the autocue equipment and carefully roll it up or down the screen as the actor is reading it. This is quite helpful because reading directly from a script that is in front of you is likely to make the task fly by, as opposed to having to repeat scenes over and over because of a few forgotten lines.

Teleprompter Operators Go With The Flow

Using a teleprompter without an operator can be a mistake. Everyone reads at a different pace and without a person at the wheel, the teleprompter itself won't modulate according to the tempo of the next speaker. It's a tough situation because each speaker can get so frazzled in their rush to keep up with the screen that all goes awry.

Let a teleprompter operator control the equipment so it moves at an appropriate pace that is readily absorbed by the people you're recording.

Your video production project could go off without a snag with the help of a teleprompter operator. Get one of these professionals on the scene and let them control the script. Contact a company that offers teleprompter operators for more information.