Running Your Trucking Business Effectively

17 March 2018
 Categories: Technology, Blog


Transporting goods with a single truck may have been how your company began, but if you've got multiple trucks today, your business has been booming. To encourage further growth and income, you should periodically assess things and take actions to better your business. To become more effective, consider these trucking business suggestions.

Get Trucking Software

In the early days of the business, you probably relied on your cellphone to talk to operators and others about shipments. However, communication and tracking are much more complicated with multiple clients, drivers and trucks to deal with. Luckily, good software can be a real help.

Trucking software simplifies many of the tasks you're already doing. For instance, do you often need to reach drivers to inquire about locations and other issues? GPS software can locate every truck within seconds so that you don't have to place a call unless there's a problem. Do you need to do an oil change on any trucks this week? Software can provide one location for all maintenance records. 

Perhaps most importantly, software can allow you to note operator driving times and alert you if they're reaching their federally-recommended limit. You don't want people driving too long and becoming overly tired; that can put your workers, their truck and client shipments at risk. Software allows permits constant monitoring.

Because there is so much software can assist with, search for trials and other methods of trying different programs before buying.

Check Insurance

As the company is growing day by day, your insurance needs must be adjusted. If you're not already bundling insurance for the trucks and getting a fleet price instead of individual prices, that might be a change to make. If you aren't insuring any of the client boxes or shipments, you may now choose to do so. Ensure that your drivers are all covered.

Call Factoring Businesses

One obstacle to further growth is the time lapse between the end of a job and the time your company is paid for that transport. At any time, your cash on hand may be less than the total you're owed by all your clients. It could be time to talk to a so-called "factor," or factoring company.

A factor will assess and study your client base and present you with an offer to handle bill collection and provide you with all you're owed--minus their fee. You will be able to spend that money on developing your business or paying bills.

Business growth is possible if you run your company effectively. Utilize these trucking-related pointers and keep your thriving business moving forward.