Getting Ready To Open Your Business? Tips For Choosing Your Business Phone System

27 July 2017
 Categories: Technology, Blog


If you are getting ready to open your business one of the most important things to consider is the type of phone system you will have. Fortunately, there are a variety of phone systems available. To help you make the right choice, below is some information about three types you can choose from.

Virtual Business Phone System

Virtual business phone systems work great if you or any of your employees work remotely. The phone system is connected to your business's phone line and then routed to remote workers on their home or mobile phone.

These systems use call forwarding. This means when a customer calls into the main business phone number the call is forwarded to the employee's phone, which could be in the office, to a home number or cell number. There are different features available with a virtual phone system, such as voice mail, call screening, online faxing, call forwarding, and automated receptionist.

Self-Hosted Voice over Internet Protocol Business Phone System

A self-hosted Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) business phone system uses the Internet instead of a traditional phone line. This means you will not have to install additional phone lines because you use the Internet connection that you already have.

A VoIP phone system has many features available like automated attendants and call queues. You can also use this system with computer integration, which allows voicemails that you receive to be routed to your email inbox or the email inbox of another computer in your company.

The one thing to consider with a VoIP phone system is if your Internet goes down your phones go down also. It would work well.

The equipment is located on your property, which means you will have to purchase the phone equipment and self host it.

Cloud Based VoIP Business Phone System

If you do not want to purchase equipment and house it at your business, you can choose cloud-based VoIP business phone system. With this, you can rent the system instead of purchasing it through a service provider. The service provider you choose will then house your phone system in the cloud. This means you will have no equipment on your property so you will not have to deal with any hardware type problems.They will charge you a monthly fee for their service.

You still get all the features of a self-hosted VoIP system. If there are updates available, the service provider handles all this for you. You can also easily add new numbers if you hire more employees

Talk with a business phone system retailer and they can give you much more information about the systems above.