Technological Maintenance Difficulties And How To Reduce These Difficulties To Null

25 September 2018
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Maintaining technology in your plant is a nightmare, right? Just trying to keep track of everything that has been maintained versus everything that has not is difficult enough. Trying to remember when each item was last maintained is even worse. There are so many difficulties wrapped up in maintaining everything that you can quickly get too far behind or end up in violation of certain government codes and regulations. However, there is a way to reduce these difficulties and streamline everything.

Preventive Maintenance CMMS Software

CMMS stands for "computerized maintenance management software." It is software you can purchase and install on your plant's computer system. When the computer system already controls most everything in the plant, the software is a simple addition to the tools you already have. Installing the software is simple enough to do, and it is no more complicated to launch than the software you use for automation.

What the Software Does

The software immediately connects itself to every technological piece of equipment in the plant. Initially, you will have to transfer any information you do have on the last time things were updated. Then the software will notify you of what maintenance tasks are overdue. As you complete these tasks and log the dates for completion, the software updates its data stored in the program. Some of these tasks include when the next maintenance period on each piece of equipment is due, the software signals, and messages you via the plant's computer system. In some cases, the software can also place reminders and alerts on your work smartphone, if your company allows it.

Additionally, the software may offer an added bonus. It will check and "ping" the equipment to see if there is anything wrong with it. If it does not seem to be operating normally, the software will also alert you to the fact that a piece of equipment is about to break down. If you ignore this and the equipment breaks down, then the software alerts you to the fact that the equipment now needs repair.

The more maintenance you do regularly and the more responsive you are to the information and alerts provided by the CMMS software, the more your equipment will continue to run without interruptions. The fewer the interruptions, the more productive the plant is, which in turn equals higher profits and greater efficiency margins. That is what this software can do for you and your plant.