3 Tips For Marketing Your Small Legal Practice

17 July 2018
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Starting your own small law firm has many benefits, including getting to create the exact work culture you always wanted and choosing who you work with. One downside to owning a small law practice, however, is that you don't have the large marketing budget or marketing staff of larger firms. How do you compete with the big guys and bring in steady cases on a small law firm budget? Here are a few of the best marketing tips for your small legal practice:

Invest in a Quality Custom Website

Paying a professional legal marketing company to design your website pays off in many ways. For one thing, a professionally designed website looks more polished and professional, so your small firm doesn't come across as amateurish.

A custom website will showcase your services and practice areas, be easy to navigate, function well on mobile devices, and incorporate SEO best practices. This custom website will continue to bring in new web traffic and help answer the questions of potential clients long after it's up and running. If you aren't sure how to use your website to its full potential, you may want to attend a legal marketing boot camp.

Emphasize What Makes Your Firm Special

In order for your website, social media profiles, and other branding materials to help you stand out, be sure to present a unified marketing message that shows off what makes you special. For smaller firms, this is often more personalized and friendly service. Let prospective clients know that when they hire your firm, their business will be important to you. With larger firms, clients sometimes feel lost in the shuffle or like they have a hard time getting ahold of their lawyer. Let your marketing emphasize your excellent customer service and one-on-one attention.

Create Thought Leadership Pieces

Creating thought leadership pieces in your legal area of expertise is a great way to boost your firm's authority and appeal to otherwise leery potential customers. Long-form blogs that showcase your opinions and experience (and that are polished and proofread by an editor or copywriter) can be shared on LinkedIn, your own website, your firm's Facebook page, and on legal blogs and websites.

When prospects Google you, these impressive pieces of content will show up, reassuring them that you know your stuff, while also providing genuine value to readers.

Just because you're a small firm doesn't mean you can't put a solid marketing strategy in place. Following these tips will ensure your marketing firm attracts new business, regardless of size.