3 Things You Need To Know About How Prepaid Cell Phones Work

27 April 2018
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If you need a cell phone, but don't want to be saddled with a monthly contract or the expense of a smartphone, you may want to look into a prepaid cell phone.

Prepaid Phones Are Inexpensive

When you go through a pre-paid cell phone provider, the first thing you need is a phone. Many pre-paid cell phone providers will let you used an unlocked cell phone with their telephone service. That means that if you have an unlocked cell phone, you can use that instead of purchasing a new cell phone.

You can also purchase a cell phone through a pre-paid cell phone provider. Many pre-paid cell phone providers sell traditional cell phones that are made through the major brand carriers as well as off-brand cell phones made by smaller and often foreign companies.

You can purchase a smartphone for under a hundred dollars from a pre-paid cell phone provider. It may not be an iPhone, but most the phones that pre-paid cell phone providers sell are still quality phones even though they may not have the brand recognition that you are used to.

Prepaid Phones Are Flexible

One of the best things about a pre-paid cell phone is that how you use the phone provides you with a large degree of flexibility. For example, you can add minutes as you need them to a pre-paid phone. You can pay for 100 minutes, or you can purchase 1000 minutes.

You can pay just for the minutes that you need when you need them. Or you can sign up for a monthly, affordable plan that doesn't require any contracts and that you can cancel at any time.

Lots of Ways to Add Funds

With prepaid phones, that are lots of ways to add funds to your account. You can call up your phone company and add minutes or data over the phone using a credit or debit card. You can also log into an app or get on the internet and add funds to your account using your pre-paid carrier's website or app.

With many pre-paid carriers, they also allow you to add funds at their stores as well as at other locations, such as check cashing centers. This is nice if you don't have a debit or credit card or don't want to tie one to the account. Pre-paid cell phone providers try to provide you with as many ways to pay your bills as they possibly can.