Three Security Extras That You Want For Your Studio Apartment

23 December 2017
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Moving into a studio apartment means that there is much less to take care of. Cleaning a studio apartment space can take less than an hour from dirty to spic and span. If you dislike having to spend money on furnishings, studio apartments require less furniture and fewer electronics. One thing that you do not want to skimp out on despite having a studio apartment is the security. No matter if you live in a studio that is a separate house of its own or a studio apartment in a high rise building, you will need good security. Here are three security extras that you need for your new one-room palace. 

Video recorder from the outside

Regardless of how close your bed is to the door, you may have times that you cannot answer the door. You may be in the middle of working from home or you may be cooking. By being able to view who is on the outside of the apartment door, you can choose to ignore the doorbell or you can pause your activity and let someone in. Place a video alarm system outside of your apartment. Sitting it right above the eye hole or in the upper center of the door frame will give you the best view. 

Install a keypad door entry system

When you have to enter your home several times in a few minutes, such as carrying groceries, having to keep keys out is difficult. Instead of having to sit groceries and heavy items on the floor when you need to enter the home, install an entry keypad. This can act as a keyless deadbolt to your apartment. Only the people who have the code will be able to gain entry. If you have friends or family that you wish to allow entry to your space, you can give them the code instead of having to hand out keys. The code can be changed by you when necessary so that your safety is never compromised. 

Opt for a wireless alarm system

Wiring an alarm system inside of a studio means that you will need to call in the professionals. Alarm systems can take a lot of time and hardwiring is permanent, which may not be a possibility in a rental studio. Instead, opt for a wireless alarm system that can be set up at the doors and windows of your home. When any of the doors or windows are accessed the alarm can sound to alert you and your neighbors to a possible breach. This is important for a studio, as all of your items will be in one room, therefore, the alarm can act as quick security.