Use A Drone To Get Great Pictures Of Homes You Plan To Put On The Market

11 July 2017
 Categories: Technology, Blog


Working as a real estate agent requires you to be able to do whatever it takes to be able to sell someone's home as quickly as you possibly can. The pictures that you take of the home can greatly impact how quickly the home sells. If you want to be able to take the best pictures possible, using a drone to take them may be a great option to consider. Drones can be very expensive though so you need to be sure that you learn how to operate it properly before you start using it. The following guide walks you through a few things to consider when using a drone to take pictures of properties as a real estate agent.

Choose a Drone with Recording Capabilities

When you are choosing the drone that you want to purchase, be sure to choose one that has a camera built into it. This will allow you to get the shots that you want to take quickly and easily. Many drones can send the pictures directly to your phone or laptop so that you can see them as you are taking them. This allows you to take additional shots when needed without having to send the drone up again and again.

Learn How to Properly Operate the Drone

Before you start using the done, you need to learn how to operate it correctly. The drone can be a very dangerous piece of equipment if it is not used properly. You do not want to crash it accidentally and taking drone operating classes will ensure that you are able to handle the drone in any situation. The drone lessons typically walk you through the ins and outs of drone operation so that you are efficient with the proper techniques to use when operating it.

Get Permission to Use the Drone

Before you start using the drone in a neighborhood, you need to get permission from the HOA of the neighborhood, if there is one. Using a drone in a neighborhood can be illegal if you do not get the permission of the HOA because it could be viewed as a device used by peeping toms. Be sure to get the permission in writing and let neighbors know what you will be doing ahead of time so that they can have peace of mind that nothing is going on that shouldn't be.

Getting aerial pictures with a drone is a very affordable way to get great shots. You will be able to edit the photos when needed and use them to create a great portfolio for every house you need to sell.