Renting Sound Equipment From A Pro Audio Store In Minneapolis

19 March 2013
 Categories: Technology, Blog


I have been a manager and a lead sound engineer for over twenty years. The band I'm currently working with is doing a lengthy tour through the Midwest. Last month we were performing a series of shows in the Minneapolis area. One night while we were staying at a hotel, one of our box trucks was broken into. The thieves made off with several pieces of gear worth over twenty thousand dollars! The group was scheduled to play the following night, and so we contacted a local Minneapolis pro audio store. We drove out to rent some equipment, and we were happy to see that they had everything we needed. One of the items that was stolen was our 32 channel mixing console. They loaned us a really nice Mackie sound board. We also were missing all of our speaker stacks. We were able to pick up eight Mackie self-powered loudspeakers for the whole weekend, and it wasn't going to kill all of our profits either. The sound specialists at this Minneapolis pro audio source told us that if we set up the equipment and something didn't work correctly, we should give them a call and they would run out a replacement. We were very impressed by the customer service offered that day. Because of their help, the band was able to perform at their scheduled event and they sounded great.